Galilee and Golan Private Tours

The Galilee, situated in the northern part of Israel, boasts stunning natural beauty and rich historical significance. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Golan Heights, Lebanon, and the Carmel Mountain range, the Galilee captivates visitors with its picturesque farmlands, flowing streams, enchanting waterfalls, lush forests, and rolling hills. This region holds great importance as it served as the backdrop for Jesus’ ministry, where he traveled from village to village, spreading the word of God.

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Exploring the Galilee through day tours allows you to immerse yourself in its wonders. These tours encompass various destinations, such as Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown and the site of the annunciation. Christian-focused Galilee day tours encompass renowned places like Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, Cana, and the magnificent Sea of Galilee, where Jesus famously walked on water. Some Christian tours even provide the opportunity for baptism in the Jordan River at Yardenit.

For those interested in history and natural beauty, Galilee day tours often include visits to coastal cities like Caesarea, an ancient Roman port; Haifa, home to the stunning Baha’i Gardens; the Crusader city of Acre; and the breathtaking white sea grottoes of Rosh HaNikra. Jewish-focused Galilee day tours encompass significant sites such as the holy city of Safed, the birthplace of Kabbalah; Mount Meron, housing the Tomb of Rashbi; and Tiberias, situated on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Moreover, the Galilee offers additional highlights like the Golan Heights, a mountain range forming a natural border between Israel and Syria. Here, you can explore vineyards, wineries, hot springs, and the remains of former Syrian fortifications. A Galilee day tour may also include stops at the Talmudic-era village of Katzrin, the archaeological site of Megiddo, or Tabhga, the location where the multiplication of the loaves and fish took place. All Galilee tours ensure comfort with air-conditioned vehicles, provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services, and are accompanied by knowledgeable tour guides.

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Galilee and Golan Private Tours Popular Q & A

Galilee and Golan private tours offer a personalized experience with your own tour guide and a tailor-made itinerary.
The tours travel to some of the greenest and most beautiful landscapes in northern Israel.
Yes, there are suggested itineraries to help you choose the attractions you wish to visit in Galilee and Golan.
Absolutely! Once you have selected the itinerary that suits you best, you can adjust it, add or remove attractions, and plan your tour according to your preferences.
Yes, if you wish to linger longer at the Sea of Galilee or any other attraction, you have the flexibility to do so on a private tour.
The private tours are offered in a number of languages to accommodate different preferences.
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Galilee and Golan Private Tours