Mount Hermon is the only place in Israel you can ski. During the winter once they open the website many locals and tourist go to the mountain to ski and play in the snow. The mountain is at an altitude of 2040 meters above sea level, the Israeli ski sport is gaining momentum. The Hermon site spreads over 45 kilometers of trails for the enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts at all levels.

The Season As you know Israel is a very hot country so the time frame for this mountain is very short usually between January to March. Make sure you check if the site is open on their website before you go there

Attractions In The Site The site offers activities for every person such as: Cable car, entrance to the site, extreme sled, snow sled, sky rider, ski classes, snowboard class.

More Information About The Site You can rent and everything you need at the site include clothing and gear. There is accommodation near the site you can look for n google. During the season, the site is extremely busy so it’s highly recommended to go as early as possible.