The Bahai Gardens is one of the most touristic sites in Israel. Located on Mount Carmel, , are the spiritual focal points for Bahá’í pilgrims who travel here from every part of the globe to visit and pray at these sacred spots. This place is the holiest place to the Bahai faith.

The structure The gardens are beautiful and very symmetrical. Nine concentric circles provide the main geometry of the eighteen terraces. Just as the identification of a circle presupposes a centre, so the terraces have been conceived as generated from the Shrine of the Báb. The eighteen terraces plus the one terrace of the Shrine of the Báb make nineteen terraces total. Nineteen is a significant number within both the Baháʼí and Bábí religions.

The Bahai Faith The Bahai religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people. Established by Baháʼu’lláh in the 19th century, it initially developed in Iran and parts of the Middle East, where it has faced ongoing persecution since its inception. The religion is estimated to have 5–8 million adherents, known as Baháʼís, spread throughout most of the world’s countries and territories.11