Israel Covid Restrictions


Can I Travel in Israel Without Vaccine?

Although travelers to Israel are not obligated to be fully vaccinated, it is highly advised. Visiting without the recommended immunizations could leave you vulnerable to the potential risks and threats associated with entering a new country.

What are the Requirements?

 For non-Israelis looking to enter the country, they must have been in China during the past 7 days prior to their departure to Israel. Furthermore, they must present a negative PCR test result done within 72 hours of their flight. This requirement also applies when departing from another country as well.

How Long Will It Take to Reopen Fully and Safely?

Israel is taking a phased approach to reopening its borders for tourists, focusing on bringing back visitors from countries with low COVID-19 infection rates. The process will occur gradually in order to ensure the safety and health of both Israeli citizens and visitors alike. It is likely that it will take several more months before it can officially reopen its borders for international travel without any restrictions.

Where Can You Get Tested?

Those who present one of the following documents: a flight ticket, cruise ticket, or confirmation of payment of land travel fee in the last 20 days can get a free PCR test at designated testing centers, HMO clinics, or at Ben Gurion Airport on the ground floor (G) in the walkway to “Hapardes” parking lot (after exiting Gate 03). Additionally, those aged 30 and above can take a PCR test without presenting one of these documents.

What are The Latest Travel Restrictions in Israel?

As of now, travelers to Israel do not have to comply with any restrictions. Visitors can enjoy the country’s culture and history without the constraints of any travel-related regulations.

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Israel Covid Restrictions