This amazing site is the highest point in ancient Jerusalem, is the broad hill south of the Old City’s Armenian Quarter. The mount has been holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims for hundreds of years. The term Zion is also used for the entire land of Israel.

Events: On the holy mount a few holy events occurred, such as the Last Supper, The appearance of Jesus before the high priest Caiaphas, believed to have been at the site of the Church of St Peter in Gallivant, The “falling asleep” of the Virgin Mary, believed to have occurred at the site of the Church of the Dormition and The Council of Jerusalem, around AD 50, in which the early Church

Mount Zion Locations The name Mount Zion referred successively to three locations, as Jerusalemites preserved the time-honored name, but shifted the location they venerated as the focal point of biblical Jerusalem to the site considered most appropriate in their own time. The locations are: The lower Eastern hill (City of David), Upper Eastern Hill (Temple Mount) and Western Hill (today’s Mount Zion)

Learn about the history of Mount Zion.

Mount Zion has a significant amount of history – from Biblical stories to the Crusades, it has an important role in Christianity and Judaism. You can learn about Mount Zion’s captivating past by visiting The Davidson Center, or by walking through the historical sites that are located throughout the mountain. Take the time to explore these historical attractions and you will truly understand why this site holds such vital religious significance.

Tour the iconic public sites and attractions.

If you’re looking for an adventure, there are several outdoor activities to do at Mount Zion! Catch a magnificent sunrise while enjoying the hikes around the mountain, marvel at the views from the Lookout Point, or explore the winding steps of King David’s staircase. Whether you’re interested in exploring on your own or hiring a tour guide, this natural wonder is sure to provide memorable experiences for all visitors.

Experience outdoor activities for all ages.

Mount Zion has something for everyone—young and old, beginner or expert. Choose from a variety of outdoor adventures that will leave lasting memories. If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll through history, take time to explore the Zion Trail and have an educational experience as you learn about the local culture, people and flora of this nature sanctuary. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, hop on one of the many bike trails, climbing routes and rappelling spots around the park that are sure to challenge your skills! There is something for everyone at Mount Zion so plan your trip today!

Find out about local hikes and trails.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or looking to take your first steps, Mount Zion has some trails perfect for you. From easy level hiking trails that skirt the edge of the main peak to more challenging ascents that climb the steepest points, there is something suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful scenery of Mount Zion. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks so that you can stay energized during your hike, as well as a map so you don’t get lost!

Take in scenic views during peak season months.

Mount Zion is at its most beautiful during the peak season months when trees are alive with blossoms, wildlife is flitting across the landscape, and clouds are painting the sky. From spring through summer and into early fall, you’ll see blooming wildflowers on your hikes and get to appreciate the rugged beauty of this national park. Take advantage of sunny days and clear skies to really drink in these views!