Also known as Avshalom Cave, located a few kilometers form Bet Shemesh. The Stalactite Cave is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Israel. The Reserve encompasses an extensive natural woodland area and the largest and most beautiful stalactites-stalagmites cave in Israel. The cave is 83 m long, 60 m wide, and 15 m high, The temperature and the humidity in the cave are constant year-round. Some of the stalactites found in the cave are four meters long, and some have been dated as 300,000 years old. Some meet stalagmites to form stone pillars

Learn About the Geological History of the Cave.

While exploring the Stalactite Cave, take time to appreciate its incredible geological history. Dating back millions of years, the cave features ancient sedimentary rocks in a wide range of colours, textures and shapes. Discover new sights and learn about interesting aspects such as the erosion of limestone by water or the unique formations created by stalactites and stalagmites over time.

Tour Through the Vast and Spectacular Chambers.

Travel through the chambers of this marvelous cave and admire its magnificent geological formations. You can explore a wide variety of hidden stalactites and stalagmites that have developed over millions of years. Experience the vibrant colors and unique textures testifying to the intricate process that shapes our planet, as well as marvel at the cave’s impressive ceiling adorned with beautiful structures!

Discover Unique Lava and Stalactite Formations.

Stalactite Cave is famed for its unique, twirling lava and stalactite structures. Over millions of years, the cave has been carefully crafted by volcanic processes, resulting in intricate structures made of distinct shapes and vibrant colors. When you visit the cave, be sure to look up in wonder at the ceiling adorned with majestic swirls!

Breathe in the Intoxicating Smells of Nature’s Bounty.

As you make your way through Stalactite Cave, breathe in the familiar and refreshing aromas of ancient lava flows, mosses and wildflowers that line the pathways. As the sun shines through the entrance, it illuminates a kaleidoscope of colours from the earth’s abundant flora and fauna. This underground world is brimming with a magical atmosphere – one that will surely relax your soul!

Enjoy Panoramic Views at the Uppermost Chamber.

From the uppermost chamber of the spectacular Stalactite Cave, you can enjoy views of the encircling nature reserve. With its high ceilings and stalagmites, this chamber is truly a sight for sore eyes. Take your time to stroll around and admire all the magnificent formations – from pointed stone spears to delicate curtains made of crystal-like glassy gypsum – as they glint and shimmer in the light.