Caesarea is one of the most spectacular sites in Israel. The site mostly known as Keisarya has a national park with great ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, impressive theater site,  and much more. Located between Haifa to Tel Aviv, the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima was built by Herod the Great about 25–13 BCE as a major port.

Major Centers Of Interest

The Roman Theater: this structure is an impressive and fascinating building. The shape of the theater was influenced by the classic model of Roman theaters: a semi-circle, in which were built blocks of cavea (seats) separated by vomitoria (entrances and exits).Many people come to this place to see concerts and comedies.

The Reef Palace This was the inner courtyard of the guest wing of Herod’s magnificent palace.    

The “Caesarea Experience” display: A short movie for the family that “ time travels” through the history of Caesarea

Archaeological Park An amazing display archaeological items that were found all over the park and are now displayed to the public with explanations.

The Port The port of Caesarea was built by Herod is very interesting part of the National Park. The port was the first quay-based port of its kind in the Middle East.

Lookout Points The national park has 2 amazing lookout points. The Panoramic observation point from Herod’s palace with a great sight of the size of the city and the monumental buildings in it. And the Observation point from the temples mountain that built by Herod’s time in honor of Augustus Caesar with a great sight of wonderful view of the whole city – from the Roman ruins

Underwater Museums For those of you who like to scuba dive or waiting to the right time to try scuba dive, There is an amazing underwater museum with ruins of this ancient city.

Caesarea Beach Other than the fascinating national park, Caesarea has one of the best beaches in Israel. With an access to handicap this lovely beach has very relaxing vibe with ruins over the seashore.