This site is the memorial for the Baron Edmond de Rothschild that supported a lot to the Israeli pioneers, also the Baron donated a lot of money and resources to Israel. Ramat Hanadiv (רמת הנדיב means the munificent level( is located at the southern end of Mount Carmel between Zikhron Ya’akov to the north and Binyamina to the south

The Nature Park The park is beautiful and surrounded by trees. The park offers many different hiking trails, in order to explore for each level.

Green Technology In 1994, a special “Green Waste” recycling project was launched in Ramat Hanadiv, to serve as an example for gardening contractors, regional councils, and municipalities. Forestry and gardening waste – branches, grass, leaves, and others – are collected and processed into compost that is then reused for gardening.

A wastewater purification facility was installed at Ramat Hanadiv in 1998. This is a Bio-Disc type facility used for the purification of the wastewater generated by the office and public lavatories at the Gardens.