Safed (known in Hebrew as צפת means Tzfat) is the highest city in Israel. According to the bible the area where city is located was assigned to the tribe of Naphtali . The tradition says that Safed was founded by a son of Noah after The Great Flood. It is also has been suggested that Jesus’ assertion that “a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” may have referred to the city.

Things To Do In Safed:

This city has many great things to do. The old city s built in a circular fashion around a hilltop, and new neighborhoods lie on adjacent hills, what makes it very nice place to walk around. The old city is full with historical synagogues, and art galleries

Safed Historical Sites:

This city is one the oldest cities in Israel and contains history of thousands of years. One of the most known sites is Safed Cemetery, this cemetery contains has some of the most well-known rabbis in Jewish history. If a walk among the deceased is not your thing, then check out the Citadel (Metsuda) at the top of the city with ruins dating back to the time of the Crusaders and the Mamluks.