The Israel Museum is one of the world’s leading encyclopedic museums. The museum was established in 1965, located in Jerusalem it is one of the most fascinating museums in Israel. The museum offers experience for every person such as: audio guides, family experience, google arts and culture Virtual Tour, and much more

Learn About the History and Collections of The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum offers visitors a wealth of cultural and artistic experiences. Explore over 500,000 works from around the world, some dating as far back as prehistory. Take in art from the European Renaissance to contemporary American masters and investigate priceless artifacts from ancient cultures including Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. With acclaimed collections spanning 6 millennia of human history—from an extensive Judaica collection to models of historic Jerusalem—a visit to this magnificent museum promises educational enrichment for any visitor.

Visit the Exhibitions at the Israel Museum

From the world’s most renowned historical artifacts to leading art from across the world, the Israel Museum’s vast collections are sure to impress. The Biblical Archaeology wing showcases Judaism and its history, including historic scrolls and texts, while the Archaeological Landscapes exhibit presents archaeological findings from hundreds of prehistoric and ancient sites around Israel. The Fine Arts wing features a range of European art from the Renaissance period to contemporary American works of photography and abstract sculpture. Explore other exhibitions such as Ancient Art, World Cultures, Modern Art and Judaica which all make a visit to this acclaimed museum that much more enjoyable.

Explore Theater Productions and Concerts at the Israel Museum

The Israel Museum boasts a range of performance art and musical concerts. From avant-garde theater performances to traditional orchestra concerts, the museum has something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can also enjoy guided tours that provide insight into the museum’s collections and contemporary art scene. Plus, special events such as craft nights, yoga classes and cooking workshops are frequently held throughout the year.

Enjoy Educational Programs and Activities for Kids at The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum offers a variety of educational programs, workshops, and activities especially designed for children. They provide exciting hands-on experiences with art and promote creativity in the classroom. Some workshops discuss ancient history, while others delve into artifact conservation, as well as museum technology and robotics. Kids also have the opportunity to take part in guided tours that focus on specific themes such as stories from the Bible or Jewish culture.

Find Out More about Cultural Events, Visitor Services & Tours at The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum offers a wide array of cultural events and activities for visitors. In addition to daily guided tours, the museum offers family programs, audio tours and mobile apps along with educational workshops and classes exploring topics such as Jewish history, art conservation, robotics and more. They also have hands-on children’s activities in which kids can explore ancient artifacts. Visitors are also able to take in some live entertainment or grab a bite to eat at one of their many cafes or restaurants.