Masada is definitely one of the most magnificent sites in Israel. It is located on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. The site tells the story of 960 Sicarii rebels who were hiding there during the siege of Masada by Roman troops. The story is known by the Jewish religious and it is a symbol of the struggle for freedom. The story ended with mass suicide of the 960 rebels.

The Sight The sight from the website is absolutely breath taking. You have 360° sight of the Judaean Desert, and The Dead Sea. The best time to climb on mount Masada is at the sunrise since it’s not so hot and you can sea the amazing sunrise from the site.

Climbing The Mountain Masada Fortress is high, and it might be difficult to climb up there. Climbing from the traditional “Snake Path” takes usually around 45 minutes. There is and option to take the cable car to the site to both or each one of the directions. The path called “The Snake Path because it’s very curved for 2.5 (1.55 Miles) kilometers and 350m climb (0.21 Miles)