Sea Of Galilee is one of the most touristic places in Israel. It is the lowest freshwater lake in the world. It is second lowest lake in the world after The Dead Sea. The lake also called כינרת Kinneret. The main source of the river is the Jordan River starting all the way from Hermon Mountain.

Plan your visit: Sea of galilee is a very crowdy place. The lake Is full of many locals in tourists. Many Israelis like to camp by the beautiful pond. If you are planning a visit, and you don’t want to hear loud music in a very crowdy area, make sure you are going to a shore that is not too crowdy, usually on the eastern side of the lake

Water Sports Since Sea of galilee is usually not wavey at all, there is a lot of watersport activities over there, such as: jet ski, water ski, racing boats, bananas and tubes, self-driving boats, kite and much more. You can rent each one of those activities at many stores around the site

Camping The sea of Galilee is a great place to do camping in. There is a lot of people that gather and camping around the like. Sometimes in the summer it can be very crowdy, so it’s better to save your spot by the lake. Another great option for camping in this area is by the Jordan River, it’s also crowdie but usually not as busy as the Sea Of Galilee and usually more quiet. Both sites are not regulated, and there is no lifeguards, but the police does search patrol the areas.