The Dead Sea is one of the most touristic places in Israel. The lake’s surface is 430.5 meters below sea level making it the lowest place on earth. The sea is 9.6 times salty as the ocean and that’s why he also called as ים המלח Yam HaMelah which means the sea of salt. The Dead Sea called like this because there is no life inside its water (include every microorganism)

The Experience The Dead Sea is one of the best experiences you will do in Israel and might even in your life. The vibe around the sea is very relaxing, there is no music around the shores and it’s very calming just to lie by the sea. When you enter the water, you will notice you won’t sink. Since the water is very salty you will fill like you actually floating in the water. A very important thing to remember is that you can’t splash water and you can’t scratch your eyes when you’re in the water since it’s very dangerous to your eyes. If you by accident water got into your eyes, just wash your eyes with clean water. Usually there is emergency tube in every beach.

Climate The dead sea is surrounded by the Negev Desert and since he is very low that makes The Dead Sea to be one of hottest places in Israel. Also, if you don’t like the rain since the sea is in the desert, it has less than 50 millimeters (2 in) of rain each year

Health The Dead sea is known for the mud and the minerals that sold around the world since it’s very healthy and many people like to use The Dead Sea products. On your visit to the site, you can take from the water mud and pour it on your skin. Or if you’re in a part that even the surface is salty you can buy a bucked from a nearby store. The mud makes creates natural peeling to the skin.