Timna Park is one of the biggest attractions in Israel. This lovely park is part of Timna Valley located in the Negev desert, and it shaped like horseshow. There is many activities and many attractions for kids and adults as one.


Main Points Of Interest

Timna Lake: This lake made by humans collecting flash floods water. The area is nice and calm. There are seating areas, restaurant and even a playground for kids. The lake also offers many attractions such as: Paddle boat hire, filling miniature bottles with colorful sand, Camel rides, and stamping of Copper “King Solomon’s Coins”.

Solomon Pillars: This 40-meter-tall (130 feet) pillars formed by wind and air, is definitely something that worth a visit. The impressive shape of the pillars that resembles a temple brought the ancient Egyptians (1300 BCE) who carved copper in the Timna Valley to erect a temple to the goddess of Hathor at their foot.

The “Mushroom”: Another amazing natural formation made by the erosion of the red sandstone. The bottom of the rock experienced a more rapid erosion resulting in the beautiful mushroom shape we see today

Timna Hiking Trails: Timna offers 2 lovely hiking trails for different levels. The first one Is Timna Arches And Mines Hike and it is The Most Popular Hike In Timna Park, And Justly So. Although It’s Just 3 Km (1.8 miles) Long, It Is An Exciting Hike That Includes Some Rock Climbing With The Aid Of Metal Ladders, Plus Fantastic Views Of The Timna Valley. The second one is Mount Timna And Solomon Pillars Hike, is for experienced hikers. This hike is 12 km (7.5 miles) long. Usually, Timna Park is very crowded, and even though it’s much more difficult than the first hike it is powerful experience of climbing the summit of Timna Mountain. When you are at the top of the mountain you will enjoy majestic vibes and the beautiful views of the desert.


Take in the Breathtaking Views from Above.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Timna Park from above by parasailing or paragliding along the park’s cliffs and mountains. Paraglide couples can experience a tandem flight with views of the conservation area, while seasoned fliers will find thrill in looping the striking rock formations. Make sure to take in the stunning views while flying above Israel’s desert terrain!


Relax in the Natural Springs of Timna Park.

Timna Park also offers a respite of serenity in the form of its natural hot springs. Enjoy a relaxing swim among the park’s beautiful surroundings and under desert stars. Spend the night at one of the local hotels to extend your stay and make sure to bring picnic baskets for a romantic alfresco dinner with the unique backdrop of Timna’s majestic cliffs and amazing views.


Enjoy the Local Food and Culture at Timna Valley Beach Campsite.

Enjoy the local food and culture at Timna Valley Beach Campsite. Here you can eat your fill of flavorful Israeli dishes like shakshuka, hummus, and falafel. Local Bedouin music is often played here in the evenings, adding to a pleasant atmosphere at the campsite. Upgrade your stay with wilderness camping options that come complete with all of your necessary camping gear. The staff at Timna Valley will also help you organize activities or guided hikes into the desert surrounding Timna Park.